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FAITH by Yair

 is a concept boutique for the manufacturing and design of faith jewelry, offering a rich range of items with a unique design imprint. The boutique specializes 925 sterling silver combined with gold. Colorful designs jewelry silver jewelry, a variety of crystals and Eilat stones, uniquely crafted to encompass a moment of faith, a souvenir from the Holy Land, an inspiration for blessing and prosperity.

A mixture of stones and metals from the holy land designed in the traditional way of the land. a clean, classic and elegant souvenir for the perfect moment.

Brand values:

  • A clean, original and creative Israeli brand design.
  • Traditionally made by an ancient crafting technique.
  • Freedom to express your faith.
  • An inventive production quality, with a variety of colors, combinations and materials.


"For me, every piece of jewelry in the studio is a story of inspiration, a memory of a certain place, a symbol of faith, the product of creative art with silver and jewels that reflect the Holy Land, which have been designed with love, through meticulous work processes of the highest standards, with an emphasis on the smallest details. Our jewels are a wonderful gift encompassing and experience -
a magical moment, a gift of love, a symbol and commemoration of the eternity of time.

Faith, art and human love - are the driving force behind my jewelry, love of the magical trails of the Holy Land, its delightful treasures, alongside the origins of faith of the three major world religions, love of nature, of the origins, of traditional jewelry techniques, are the greatest inspiration behind each piece and collection.

My design is timeless, a bridge between past and future, corresponding with every fashion style and compliments it, the jewelry I design symbolize a milestone in life - in which every magical moment shall be perpetuated as a jewel - a magical gift - a collection of jewelry - a timeless collection of loved moments and memories."

Yours truly, Yair Gargi

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